Tough Crowd For Super Bowl Spots

What did Millennials think of this year’s commercials?

Overall, I think it was a very good year for Super Bowl advertisers. And, like the game itself, some newcomers outperformed the perennial players. I decided to do a little…

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Facebook News Feed Is Making News

What Facebook’s Algorithm Update Means for Brands

Facebook recently announced a major update to its News Feed that has gotten the immediate attention of marketers and brands. After receiving feedback from its users, the social network announced…

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Facial Expressions Don’t Lie

Measuring Real Emotions to Optimize Videos

Show me a brand that hasn’t at least started to embrace the power of video, B2C or B2B, and I’ll show you a brand that is struggling to effectively reach…

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Best Practices for Banner Ads

Simple steps to maximize engagement & conversion.

Every year there seems to be new and innovative media trends that can be utilized to carry out your clients advertising initiatives. The one asset that has stood the test…

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Two Sides to Every Great Story

The rhyme and reason behind data-driven creativity

A great idea driven by research data is hardly new to advertising. In fact, it’s been the foundation of great marketing and creative for decades. So why all the talk…

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Using Data to Optimize Marketing Effectiveness

In today’s competitive economy, many companies invest 7-8% of their net revenue on marketing and advertising to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. It’s no wonder that agencies and…

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Exploring the Complex World of Video Advertising

Media plans used to have a single line for Broadcast and Cable TV buys which would represent the extent of the video elements within an ad campaign. Nowadays, the number…

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e-Commerce Giant Expanding Retail Presence

Mention online shopping and the first name that comes to mind for most is Amazon. What started as an unassuming online bookstore has morphed into the world’s largest Internet-based retailer….

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Social media embrace 360-degree video & augmented reality.

Back in January, we released a blog evaluating the landscape of social media in 2016 and predicting what changes may come in 2017. Fast forward to April, and we have…

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Virtual Reality Expands Travel & Tourism Horizons

Virtual reality is growing tremendously with more consumers seeking out this technology and more advertisers jumping on board. I recently had the opportunity to test out the HTC Vive through…

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For the past few years our industry has been extolling the virtues of programmatic media buying. The largest of the large marketers started the rallying cry by stating that they…

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Confessions of a first time advertiser.

Landing that first job as a young creative is hard. REALLY HARD. The route is different for everyone. But, being a recent graphic design graduate myself, I thought it may…

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Digital helps us see your target more clearly.

Like every aspect of advertising, audience measurement is faced with the daunting task of keeping up with the explosion of the digital age. Nielsen, a global information, data and measurement…

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Striking a balance of art and science.

As far as full-service marketing agency owners go, I know my path has not been a typical one. Most agency owners tend to come from the creative or account service…

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Timely tips for Local Store Marketing success.

A franchise restaurant owner wears many hats: operator, HR recruiter, accountant, and marketer – to name a few. All are important and all take time. This blog is to help…

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Last year’s trends will accelerate in 2017.

In the blink of an eye 2016 has come to an end and a new year is here. The advancements in the social media world were incredible this past year….

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Be prepared to act fast or you just might miss it.

The Phelps face. The Mannequin Challenge. Pokemon Go. These were just a few of many viral social media moments of 2016. But like all great things, they too come to…

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Mobile ad budgets aren’t keeping pace.

What’s all the hubbub? I mean, we’ve all gotten the message that digital advertising is king, right? Last year alone, Internet ad revenue blew past $60 billion. That represents a…

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When, why and how does co-branding work?

Strategic partnerships can add tremendous value to your brand. Tapping into another brand’s loyal and enthusiastic customer base can quickly increase your awareness and grow your sales funnel. It can…

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The Intern: It’s More Than Getting Coffee & Doughnuts

My Summer Interning in Cincinnati

There are dozens of ad agencies and marketing companies in the Cincinnati area. This means that there is a lot of work to be done in Cincinnati. Having been an intern…

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Millennials See the World Differently

Travel and Tourism brands are evolving to reach them.

Millennials have over $1 trillion in student loan debt. Surprisingly they are also the generation that travels more than any other, spending about $200 billion per year. And they approach…

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How Allstate Is Energizing Their Established Brand

Take a lesson from the insurance company, because they’re doing it right.

Allstate Insurance recently launched a new ad campaign that’s a great example of energizing an established brand. Allstate has been around for more than 80 years, and who doesn’t know…

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6 Musts for Every Email Marketing Campaign

The basics of a successful email program.

With everyone’s attention focused on the latest social media trends, many have all but forgotten about the original social network: email. Email marketing is an essential part of any integrated…

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How to Execute a NAP Listing Campaign

Learn a simple way to better your SEO rankings.

Download our free guide Top 21 Directories for Listing Your Business! Part One of this series – Don’t Let NAP Listings Ruin Your SEO. You know why NAP listings matter…

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The Mega Super Bowl

The big game broke records, again.

Super Bowl 50 has come and gone, and once again the stats for on-field performances by the teams and onscreen performances by the network and advertisers are written into the…

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File Types Explained

Print our guide and never wonder what’s what again.

Wait, what kind of file is this? We’ve all been there. Someone asks for a certain type of file, or sends you something you can’t open. Not anymore. Find out…

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Don’t Let NAP Listings Ruin Your SEO

Using NAP to help, not harm, your rankings.

Download our free guide Top 21 Directories for Listing Your Business! Part Two of this series – How to Execute a NAP Listing Campaign. It’s probably happened to you. You…

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2016’s Top B2B Social Media Brands

And why social is a smart move for B2B marketers.

If your brand is B2B, maybe you’ve questioned if social media really makes sense for you. It’s a question we often get asked, and our answer is always the same:…

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Tourism Brands, Get on Pinterest

5 ways you can (and should) use Pinterest.

If your travel, tourism or destination brand isn’t on Pinterest, now’s the time to join. Why? Because the user base more than doubled between 2012 and 2015, from 15% to…

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Deal or No Deal

Are Black Friday deals worth the wait?

Black Friday: the day that officially kicks off the Christmas shopping season. Named so because many retail companies go “into the black,” or make a profit, on the day after…

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Winning Twitter

A brand’s guide to tweeting about sports.

  From football to basketball, baseball to hockey, the Olympics to the World Cup, there’s always something sports-related in the headlines … and trending on Twitter. There are currently only…

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RFP Guide, Part 3: Who Do I Invite?

Why a tight list leads to better responses.

This is the third in a series about Requests for Proposals (RFPs). The previous entries looked at the differences between an RFI, RFP and RFQ (RFP Guide, Part 1: What…

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Feed the Creatives

The ingredients for effective creative campaigns.

Being a “creative” is more than being a designer or copywriter or creative director. We’re strategic thinkers. And the more information you feed us, the stronger our campaigns will be….

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10 Mistakes Brands Make On Facebook

Your guide to making impressions, not bloopers.

The social media world is constantly changing. Brands are frequently forced to adapt, making it all too easy to miss out on (or misuse) the latest and greatest app or…

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Pumpkin Spice Consumer Madness

Should your brand jump on the pumpkin trend?

Fall has officially begun, which means it’s pumpkin spice season. A walk through any grocery store aisle or a trip to Target will have you seeing pumpkin flavors everywhere. And…

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5 Reasons HTML5 Is Good for Your Brand

Flashpocalypse is here, and it’s not a bad thing.

Adobe Flash had a good run. The advertising industry relied on the proprietary animation software for more than a decade. Now it’s time to say goodbye Flash, hello HTML5. The…

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“Dislike” Button: Friend or Foe?

Is Facebook’s new button a marketer’s nightmare?

Since the dawn of the “Like” button on Facebook, users have been asking when the “Dislike” button would come around. Yesterday, Mark Zuckerburg, creator of Facebook, finally answered the plea…

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2015 Fall TV Season Predictions

What will get the best ratings and what will flop.

Stock up on popcorn, because the 2015 fall TV season has begun! There are numerous fantastic veteran shows coming back for another season, while some rookie shows will hit the…

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Don’t Be THAT Intern

The 8 mistakes you don’t want to make.

Every intern wants to leave a lasting impression. Make sure yours is a good one. We’ve already told you what successful interns do. Now let’s cover what will make you…

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Is Your Brand Mobile Enough?

Three questions to ask yourself.

In the age we call “digital,” just being digital isn’t good enough, not if you want your brand to be successful. At the very least, you need a mobile-friendly website…

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7 Golden Rules of Collaboration

What makes people awesome at teamwork.

As a copywriter, I collaborate with lots of folks, from designers to account managers, partners to clients, and it always makes the work better. When different people with different ways…

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Reframing the Story

Broadcast advertising versus digital marketing.

The last few years have seen a groundswell of video content production that foreshadows a seismic shift from traditional broadcast advertising to digital content generation. Clearly, the value of digital…

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Advice for an Intern, from an Intern

The 10 things successful interns do.

Starting an internship can be hard, frustrating, exciting, nerve-wracking … the list goes on and on. Whether you’re interning at a large company or small one, here’s how to really…

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Google+ Is Not Dead … Yet

If it’s not going away, where is Google+ going?

Earlier this week, Google shared major news. The tech giant will be making some major changes to Google+ in order to create a “more focused Google+ experience.” In other words,…

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5 Musts for Social Media Planning

What you should be analyzing and optimizing.

Many brands use social media, but very few have a plan, and even fewer analyze social data in order to optimize their efforts. If you didn’t have a plan for…

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2014’s Biggest Social Media Blunders

Don’t make these rookie mistakes.

We saw our fair share of social media blunders in 2014, and with the New Year right around the corner, what better time to reminisce? While there were plenty to…

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RFP Guide, Part 2: Do I Need an RFP?

When it will lead to more problems than proposals.

This is the second in a series about RFPs. The last entry – (RFP Guide, Part 1: What Is It?) looked at the differences between an RFI, RFP and RFQ….

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RFP Guide, Part 1: What Is It?

Issuing a marketing RFP to an advertising agency.

This is the first in a series about Requests for Proposals (RFPs). The next entry looks at whether or not you even need to issue an RFP (RFP Guide, Part…

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Twitter Introduces Promoted Video

Why the new software is good news for brands.

Twitter recently launched their own video software beta to select brands. Now, your first question may be, “isn’t there already video on Twitter?” Or, “isn’t that what they created Vine for?” While…

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Get Better at Video Content Marketing

Three ways to make the most of your videos.

We’re all aware of the godfather of video sharing, YouTube. The website was created a decade ago, and videos haven’t gone out of style since. They’re more popular now than…

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